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Shore Side Docks

Looking for a dock? We recommend Shore Side Docks if you need to replace your old falling-apart dock, or if you want to put something brand-new in place. They are made locally in Oxford, Massachusetts, just a few hours away. This fine company offers a very dependable delivery time, along with a well-built product that can match our rugged Maine shorelines, waterfronts, and lakes. If it’s time for you to improve your dock situation, please reach out to us at Gagnon’s Boats & Motors. We’ve been selling and servicing boats in Livermore Falls, Maine for generations. Here’s more info about this fine manufacturer. If you’ve got any questions, please reach out!

Quality You Can Stand On

Shore Side Docks has been dedicated to designing and building high-quality, long-lasting products for your shoreline and outdoor living needs since 1996. They are just as dedicated to the quality of their customer experience as they are to the quality of their many products, which include extraordinary aluminum dock systems, railing systems, boat and personal watercraft lifts, and functional accessories. Shore Side Docks is the fastest growing aluminum dock system manufacturer in the Northeast.

Aluminum Dock and Railing Systems

This innovative company can provide nearly anything you could imagine in the realm of a recreational dock.

The Classic Dock is the original and most affordable option in the Shore Side Docks lineup. With a light-weight welded aluminum frame, it has independent dynamically adjustable legs for leveling. Leg pockets are welded inside and below the deck, ensuring a clean appearance from all sides. Drop-in decking panels, in a variety of styles and colors, complete the clean, seamless, traditional look of the Classic Dock. 

Try their Big Lake Dock System for a rock-solid, stable, stationary dock that can be put up and dismantled seasonally. One of the many fantastic features: If you didn’t love the layout, or if you want to make a change to accommodate a new boat, you can scale, reconfigure and adjust your dock. 


Complete Custom Deck Design

If the modular options of these first two styles don’t suit your needs, you can rely on Shore Side Docks’ complete custom dock design, build, and installation services. They’ve worked their waterside wizardry for camps, clubs, private and public marinas, condo complexes, and neighborhood associations. They can even work with your existing systems to solve your dock issues, and of course, they can design a brand new system for the optional function of your site.

Floating Docks and Swim Rafts

For some sites, a floating dock is the perfect solution. Shore Side makes durable aluminum docks that stay afloat using EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam encased in food-grade, recyclable resin treated to resist ultraviolet deterioration. They float above the surface finished with drop-in decking, for a gorgeous and easily maintained dock. You can also get swim rafts of similar construction. 

Railings, Boat Lifts, and Accessories from Shore Side Docks

That’s not all! Tough aluminum gangways with railings and heavy-duty rollers will let you get where you need to go. Boat and PWC lifts will keep your craft out of the water for a longer life. Add a canopy and your vessel is also protected from the sun, which will prolong its attractive finish. And to maximize the function of your Shore Side dock or almost any wood or framed dock, there’s a great selection of options and accessories such as racks, braces, bumpers, brackets, stairs, rails, ladders, cleats, and more. 

If there’s anything at all needing improvement at your existing dock, please consider our good friends at Shore Side Docks. They are experts at improving every dock situation, whether with a few well-placed accessories or a complete replacement, and they’re truly dedicated to your satisfaction, just like we are here at Gagnon’s Boats and Motors in Livermore Falls. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you out with your dock needs, your boat needs, or anything else you can think of.